Front-end Developer

Front-end Developer (Angular)

Arlo project is a home video surveillance system that comes into a full-fledged Smart Home system, has been launched six years ago. 
The web application offers a wide range of functions: adding and configuring devices, setting up modes and automated mechanisms for changing them according to a schedule, streaming live video and viewing recorded clips from CCTV cameras, Fullscreen, Push-To-Talk-broadcasting sound from the device’s microphone to the camera speaker, SIP calls to the emergency service, and so on. 
The project uses: Angular 11, sse, angular material. 

Required skills 

  • At least 2 years of experience working with HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript. 
  • Working experience with Angular. 
  • Understanding the deployment, assembly and automation of the front-end of a project or application (Yarn, Bower, NPM). 
  • Working experience with template engines. 
  • Working experience with vector graphics (SVG, etc.). 
  • Understanding of end-to-end modeling. 
  • Experience of layout with IE10 support. 
  • Working experience in the Web Storm IDE and in the browser console. 
  • Working experience with Node.js will be a plus. 
  • The level of English is intermediate and higher. 


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