Alexander Pashkovsky
Chief Executive Officer

Alexander Pashkovsky is ITS co-founder acting as a Chief Executive Officer since 2013.

Alexander carries out general and strategic management of the company, building its organizational structure and processes, appoints key managers to important areas. Mr. Pashkovsky oversees the financial management of ITS, ensuring the activities and development of the entire ITS group of companies.

Before ITS, Alexander worked as a director, development director, financial director in a large (600 people) manufacturing company operating in the field of energy efficient solutions, production of thermal insulation materials, investments in real estate development.

Mr. Pashkovsky has 25 years of experience in entrepreneurship, investment, mentoring of several start-ups in the field of smart devices for the fitness industry, mobile gaming applications, audio content production, consulting companies, starting from the idea stage of launching regular operations and exit through the sale.

Alexander has started studying physics at Belarus State University, than received MBA degree at Moscow State University and after that became IPMA Certified project manager.