Andrei Ramaniuk
Chief Innovation Officer

Andrei Ramaniuk is ITS executive officer responsible for strategic growth, innovation and expansion.

Andrei is one of the founders who created a unique company’s model on which ITS was built. Working in business since 2006, Andrei has created a solid foundation reinforced by corporate values, efficient processes and productive relationships with clients. The company is grounded on the experience of the best IT companies from Germany, Austria and the USA, adapted to the specifics of Eastern European culture.

Mr. Ramaniuk played a crucial role in achieving success and making technological breakthroughs in the company's early products on which ITS teams and their clients worked together. By proficiently combining technical and business experience, Andrei creates sustainable teams and processes. IoT technologies developed for Netgear allowed creating a powerful cloud platform for dozens of applications and millions of devices ahead of competitors by several years. The Arlo ecosystem and its scaling principles allowed the company to launch six new products per year. The innovative solutions in the security platform developed by SecureCircle attracted large clients like SalesForce and Workday and ultimately led the company to a successful launch.

Andrei strives for development and continuous improvement, building more productive processes, developing application architecture, and scaling solutions.

In 2015–2018, Andrei worked with ITS teams as a project manager while in Silicon Valley at Netgear. Since 2019, Andrei has been actively participating in the development of new segments of the company’s business, launching new projects and products, and opening offices in neighboring countries.

Mr. Ramaniuk holds a master’s degree in Information Science from BSUIR and an MBA degree from the School of Business and Management of Technology of BSU. At Stanford University, Andrei improved his qualifications in the field of economics, management, and investment.