Dmitry Yarmolich
Chief Development Officer

Dmitry Yarmolich is ITS co-founder acting as a Chief Development Officer.

Dmitry is one of those enthusiasts who stood at the origins of ITS when they started a software development business in Belarus. He builds relationships with overseas clients and responsible for the company’s growth strategy.

Dr. Yarmolich has a leading role in the development of the growth strategy that leaded to the company growth from 6 to 200 employees, engagement of multiple clients, and building of the partnership relations with the clients.

In 2014, Dmitry has founded another high-tech scientific start-up Plasma App ltd in Oxford, UK. Starting from a pure idea, he had developed Plasma Deposition Technology to TRL6. Plasma App is working closely with Cambridge and Oxford Universities and several industrial partners to make this platform technology available for industry.

Dr. Yarmolich has started studying physics at Belarus State University and graduated with a PhD in Plasma Physics from the Technion — Israel Institute of Technology. Dmitry’s publication list is of more than 30 scientific papers and few patents in the field of Plasma Physics.