Evgenia Ivanova
HR Director

Before landing at ITS as Head of the HR and Recruitment team Evgenia lived her many lives in many counties. She was an academic (doing research and teaching), an activist (human rights and feminism), and a civil educator (gender equality, social justice, non-violent communication). All these diverse activities were united by her aspiration to make a positive change in people’s lives, her hunger for knowledge, cultural experience, and a mission to support and hear out her fellow humans.

Evgenia has lived in various countries: Lithuania, Germany, Spain (Basque Country), Israel, the UK and visited a bunch of places in North America, Europe, Central Asia, North Caucasus, and South-East Asia on her many field-work trips and conferences.

Her international experience was not as much about traveling, as about research, activism, and policy-shaping collaborations across cultures. Evgenia was a board member of two international feminist networks, a co-Editor-in-Chief of a feminist almanac “Women in Politics: New Approaches to the Political,” an international volunteer in Chernobyl-affected communities in Ukraine, Welfare Officer for an international body of students—to name but a few of her pro-bono volunteer roles.

Beyond Belarus, the country that shaped Evgenia most is the UK. She lived in one of the most beautiful, most tolerant, most international, and most intellectual of places—the city of dreaming spires: Oxford. At the University of Oxford, Evgenia researched and taught Political Theory. Here she also was trained as a Peer-supporter—a skill she uses every day in her current job.

Despite all the traveling, her heart was always bringing her back to her home, back to Belarus. For several years now Evgenia has happily used her skills to make the exceptional ITS team thrive.

Evgenia's Education: LLB (Law department at the Vitebsk State University, with Honors); MA in Gender Studies (European Humanities University); MA in in Socio-Legal Studies (International Institute for Sociology of Law, Onati, Spain).