ChronoTrack Systems Corp.
(since February 2013)

Project Scope
  • Backend
  • Frontend
Technologies & Frameworks
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • ReactJS/Redux
  • Neo4j
  • MongoDB
  • 4 persons
  • 30,000 + hours

Athlinks is a free online service which compiles results of endurance races for access by amateur athletes.

The service was a started up by an enthusiast who was interested in both armature sport and programming. As the project was growing, it became clear that more professionals were needed to keep it running. ITS Partner dedicated a team of 3 back-end developers and 1 front end developer to improve and maintain the product. During three years our engineers were refining on the program functionality by adding new features and extending the old ones.

The project turned out to be the largest results database for endurance athletes on the web with over 700 thousand users and 190 million results from 590,000+ events (and over two million results from several thousand endurance races are added monthly).

A user may create a profile, claim her or his personal results, and link those results to her or his profile. The system will hint on any unclaimed results that match the user’s name. It is possible to refine the search by adding one’s year of birth and setting filters by locations and events. A The “Rivals” feature enables comparing one’s results to other athletes with similar characteristics. Overall statistics is also available.

Being a full-featured social network, Athlinks suggests people who may have something in common (like similar age or interests), allows searching for events, registering for them, and adding them to personal events calendar. The system will remind on any upcoming events. Also it is possible to follow other people and exchange messages.

In 2013 Athlink was acquired by ChronoTrack (a wholly owned subsidiary of Life Time Fitness) — a trusted provider of solutions for race organizers.