Platform for Organizing and Operating Run Events

Malvena GmbH

Project Scope
  • Backend
  • Firmware
  • Frontend
  • IOS App
  • Android App
Technologies & Frameworks
  • ReactJS/Redux
  • C/C++/Qt/BitBake
  • Objective-C
  • Android SDK
  • Bluetooth Classic
  • 13 persons
  • 10,000 +

PointRun is an automated software-hardware complex, which consists of a hardware device, a back-end, a front-end (a web-client for users and a web-client for administrators), a mobile application for users (for iOS and Android devices), and a mobile application for administrators (for Android devices).

PointRun is designed for operating run events and workouts in in primary schools, universities, sport centers, and malls. The hardware device has an embedded PC, a touch screen, speakers for sound transmission, and a camera for image recording.

A track, usually marked by traffic cones, begins and ends beside the device. During the race, the system measures total resulting time for each runner, time at each stage of the race, each runner’s speed, etc.

After the finish of the race, a runner gets a printout which contains his or her results on each stage of the race and a QR code. Using the QR code, the runner can check the results online. The mobile client allows comparing one’s results to the results of other participants.

ITS Partner’s involvement consisted of firmware development (including the interaction with sensors part), mobile clients and back-end development, and quality assurance.