Firmware for Network Attached Storage

Netgear Inc.

Project Scope
  • Firmware/daemons
  • Web app
  • Service apps
Technologies & Frameworks
  • C/C++
  • HTML5/CSS3/jQuery/AJAX
  • 6–8 persons
  • 65,000 + hours

Netgear is a leading provider of networking equipment for homes and small-to-medium businesses. Its product line consists of wired and wireless devices that enable networking, broadband access, and network connectivity.

ITS Partner has developed firmware for Netgear ReadyNAS (ARM-based, x86-based, and running on Linux). Netgear Network Attached Storages function via local networks, are aimed at home and small/medium/large business use, and support working groups from 12 up to 120 users.

Our team of three engineers developed from scratch a web-enabled user interface for the storage, a full-featured file browsing functionality (including the possibility of resuming files downloads after interrupts), the UI part, which displays the file system using HTML, the streaming to video in browser functionality, files preview, thumbnails, and more.

The firmware for the iSCSI protocol allows avoiding unnecessary technical details when setting the system configuration.

The snapshots functionality provides unlimited snapshot captures. It also features multiple management algorithms, such as taking snapshots at the preset time intervals, creating snapshot schedules, managing snapshot removal (there are several options), and emergency algorithms that delete old screenshots to prevent the system performance drop.