Vehicle History Reports Service

Project Scope
  • Backend
  • Frontend
Technologies & Frameworks
  • PHP Yii
  • MySQL
  • SEO
  • 5 persons
  • 950 + hours

TrustVIN is an online service which provides individuals and dealers from the Unites States with access to vehicle history reports.

The potential buyers of used cars need to verify the information provided by the sellers to avoid hidden problems or fraud. Vehicle sellers are interested in proving to the buyers that a car is problem-free. TrustVIN allows tracking a car’s history by Vehicle Identification Number. The service collects data from the National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB), VinAudit (VA), VINquery,, and

A history report includes vehicle specifications, insurance and export records, theft records, sales records, and problem checks. The user will find out about possible issues or defects, such as flood/fire/hail damage, salt water damage, information on whether the car was registered as a taxi or a police vehicle, etc.

The project was entirely implemented by ITS Partner, including initial analysis, website development, SEO optimization, and marketing activities. To provide information as quickly as possible, it is necessary to store the database in one place. Going through all records would slow down the search process, so we carried out a market analysis and created an algorithm which allows selecting the most popular cars first. Therefore more probable users get the info quicker. Together with a simple interface, this makes a quick and attractive solution.