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ITS Partner develops products powered by the Internet of Things (IoT) technologies. We operate in the global market, partnering with long-term enterprise customers in the United States. Our development effort is behind the success of one of the World’s best internet connected cameras, Arlo. We are a part of the development team for premium Wi-Fi routers, Netgear. Within a strategic partnership with an American ad-tech company Folium, we develop advanced ad-tech solutions for mainstream media companies, such as Dish and Sling.

ITS Partner delivers full stack IOT development: from embedded systems to scalable cloud solutions, from comprehensive security to AI systems, from web interfaces to mobile applications. The company is the resident of Belarus High-Tech Park and has presence in the Silicon Valley, where it actively collaborates with the industry leaders.

Opportunities in Ukraine

The "country that codes" is how Ukraine is referred to in global media. Ukrainian IT standards are valued across the world for highly-qualified talent and no compromise on the quality of deliverables. This is what ITS Partner develops in its teams as well. Check open vacancies in the list below if your values lay close to this.

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