Leadership Principles


We are changing the world for the better with our customers, paving the way for a technological future together.


Do not pause, always set new goals, and achieve them. Move forward and compare yourself and your team only with the best.


Knowledge is power. New knowledge is the key to new doors on the road to success. Always learn and share new knowledge.


Keep it simple, don't fix what's not broken. The perfect is the enemy of the good.


Every day we prove that we can be trusted. Trust is the foundation of everything. Earn trust by listening carefully, speaking calmly, and respecting the other person. Criticize yourself, but never criticize others: give them a chance to earn trust.


We see you as equal. We give you freedom of action. Responsibility is an inseparable part of freedom. Be responsible.


We recognize the individuality of everyone and welcome diversity and tolerance.


Act in the best interest of the company. Everything you do leaves a mark that will remain forever.


There are no hopeless problems. Get to the bottom of the problem, be attentive to detail, and double-check yourself. Come to leaders not with issues, but with possible solutions.


Focus on the result and achieve it on time. The result is always needed on time, otherwise its value is diminished.


Don't always agree. If you do not agree, prove in practice that you are right. If the majority has decided but you do not agree, still follow the decision and fully implement it.