Cloud Solutions

Cloud Solutions

The Cloud Computing Market Leaders

Nowadays, the world’s most technologically advanced companies provide their developments as cloud services. These services include computer power, data storage and management, IoT, CDN, machine learning, artificial intelligence, media services, blockchain, and much more.

ITS experts have a wealth of experience in working with the solutions of the industry leaders:

  1. Amazon Web Services
  2. Microsoft Azure
  3. Google Cloud Platform

We have extensive expertise in the following areas:

  1. Software development based on cloud infrastructure: architectural design, software development, its deployment in the cloud and integration with various cloud services, testing, data management and analytics.
  2. DevOps: process automation, CI/CD, continuous monitoring, continuous testing, infrastructure as code (IaaC).
  3. CloudOps: creation, configuration, backup and recovery, management, monitoring, security, performance optimization, cost optimization, cloud infrastructure support and development.
Internet of Things

Internet of Things

ITS IoT Expertise

ITS has extensive experience in the design and implementation of software for IoT systems.

One of the projects in our portfolio is the IoT system core for Netgear. A cloud infrastructure maintains communication with ≈ 10 million devices that are constantly online. We have released firmware for more than 200 models of customer's IoT devices.

Another example is the implementation of all components of the Arlo IoT system for Smart Home. Users can access the home video surveillance system with their smartphone or web browser, adjust the brightness and color of light with Alexa, and more.

ITS employees regularly release firmware updates that are safely delivered to the devices and make updates, adding new functionality for the users.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

Training AI for Your Needs

One of our projects — Arlo home video surveillance systems — can inform the client about the appearance of people, cars, and various animals in the field of view, detect mail left at the door, and recognize baby cry (Arlo nanny). We are working hard to improve the identification of people, cars, and animals. It definitely matters indeed who is at your door, who drove up to the house, and what animal is walking in the backyard: someone else’s dog or your cat on a spree.

Our service processes one million requests per day, and we cannot mess up a single one by indicating the person in the frame as a dog or not detecting a potential robber. Therefore, we are diligently working to lead the way in improving the accuracy of our algorithms, studying and trying to apply recent developments in AI.

The guys from our team are constantly developing. They learn on site by doing. This is a big plus of the project.