ITS Editorial Team
10 December, 2021

Go to IT by Railway

The story of how a railroad electrical engineer turned into the head of backend development.  

  • AI Teamlead

    Artificial Intelligence Good Breeding

    ITS started to develop the AI area more than six years ago, a year before it became a hype in the Eurasian zone. It was (and still is) a computer vision project.

    09 December, 2021
  • IoT Teamlead

    Fully Functional IoT Environment

    ITS is a qualified expert in creating IoT device control components, cloud and server infrastructures, data collection and analysis, and many other components, which are critical for organizing a fully functional IoT environment.

    22 November, 2021
  • AWS Teamlead

    ITS with AWS

    ITS’s extensive experience with Amazon Web Services helps successfully implement, develop, and support projects of any complexity level.

    16 November, 2021
  • Teamlead

    How to Become a Team Lead

    Pavel Sirotkin, a department head and concurrently a delivery manager, talks about his experience.

    26 October, 2021
    ITS Editorial Team
  • Teamlead

    We Have Revolutionized the Way of Automated Testing

    Interview of the head of the testing department Egor Pavlovets to the Kazakh online media

    06 August, 2021
    ITS Editorial Team
  • Teamlead

    Entering IT from the Army Is Real

    A Major left the military to become an artificial intelligence team lead.

    10 September, 2019
    Palina Legina,